María Teresa Andruetto

Andruetto was born in Arroyo Cabral in 1954. She is a storyteller, essayist and a promoter of reading. She was the winner of the Hans Christian Andersen Award in 2012 and is considered one of the most important narrators of children's literature. Daughter of Italian immigrants, which sparked her novel Stefano, Maria Teresa Andruetto is a prolific author who has devoted her life to children’s and youth literature. She began her rising career in 1992 with her novel Tama, with which she won the Municipal Luis de Tejeda award. This prize triggered the publishing of several other novels such as Veladuras (Norma, 2005), La Mujer en Cuestión (The Woman in Question) (DeBolsillo, 2009), or compilations of short stories such asTodo Movimiento es Cacería (All Movement is a Hunt) (Alcyone, 2002). She also has published books of poems such as Palabras al rescoldo (Words to the Embers) (Argos, 1993), Beatriz (Argos, 2005), Pavese/ Kodak (Dock Editions, 2008), SueñoAmericano (American Dream) (Caballo Negro Editions, 2009) and Tendedero (The Clothes Line) (CICL, 2009); the play Enero (January) (Ferreyra Editions, 2005) and numerous children’s books including, El anillo encantado (The Enchanted Ring)(Sudamericana, 1993), Huellas en la arena (Footprints in the Sand) (Sudamericana, 1998), La mujer vampiro (The Vampire Woman) (Sudamericana, 2000), El árbol de lilas (The Lilac Tree) (Comunicarte, 2006) and El incendio (The Fire) (The Eclipse, 2008). She culminated her experience in writing workshops and published two books produced in collaboration, La escritura en el taller (Writing in the Workshop)(Anaya, 2008) and El taller de escritura en la escuela (The Writing Workshop in School) (Comunicarte, 2010) and her reflections in Hacia una literatura sin adjetivos (Towards a Literature without Adjectives) (Comunicarte, 2009). She was a finalist of the Rómulo Gallegos Prize for her novel Lengua Madre (Mother Tongue) (2001) and winner of the SM Children’s and Youth Latin American Literature Award (2010), the National Endowment for the Arts Novel Prize, the White Ravens of the Jugendbibliothek International, the IBBY Honors List, among many others. As a writer, Andruetto stands out for her great awareness and concern to preserve the literary experience as an exercise of freedom that no one should be excluded from. Therefore, she has been linked to reading in all its forms: for over thirty years she has fought for the right for children’s literacy, training teachers in promoting reading and creative writing, helping to structure local and national literacy plans such as PROPALE (Reading Program/ University of Córdoba) as well as teacher capacitating. At the same time, she was one of the founders of CEDILIJ (Dissemination and Research Center of Children's Literature in Cordoba).