Evelyn Arizpe

Researcher . Professor at the University of Glasgow. PhD from the University of Cambridge. She is particularly interested in children’s meaning-making strategies in relation to verbal-visual interaction which is the focus of much of her research. She has delivered lectures, seminars and keynotes in her areas of interest, both in the UK and internationally, to researchers, practitioners and policy-makers. Her work also involves international collaboration, especially with Spain and Latin America but also with colleagues in the USA and elsewhere. She teaches the course "Children's Literature and Literacies: Critical Enquiry" for the MEd in Children's Literature and Literacies. She also lectures for other courses and she has been guest lecturer at the Universidad Autonoma of Barcelona, the Universidad of Zaragoza and the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. She has also taught on various on-line courses, including for the Diploma course offered by IBBY Mexico. Among her publications are Marvellous Realities: 25 Years of Illustration for Children in México (2008), El lector infantil ante la intertextualidad y la metaficción en el libro álbum (2010), How responses to picturebooks reflect and support the emocional development of young bilingual children (2011) y Entre imágenes y palabras: la investigación que promueve comunidades lectoras inclusivas y creativas (2012). She was a member of the jury of the VIII SM American Award for Children's Literature 2012 ( CERLALC , IBBY , OEI , OREALC -UNESCO) , in which she represented the Organization of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture (OEI) .